Feedwater Treatment

IBH Labs has an in depth knowledge of what your feedwater system requires – We started out as a designer and manufacturer of Feedwater Tanks and Deaerators!

Different feedwater designs require different treatment approaches to optimize energy efficiency and minimize corrosion. An atmospheric feedwater tank requires a different treatment program than a high pressure deaerator. The type of feedwater also is important in designing a feedwater treatment program. Feedwater composed of primarily demineralized water or condensate is much more aggressive than feedwater composed primarily of untreated city water.

IBH Labs will provide you with a program that will protect your feedwater system from corrosion and deposition. ICORR feedwater treatment chemicals scavenge oxygen and reduce corrosion in the feedwater system. This protects your equipment against oxygen pitting and reduces the potential for equipment damage and unscheduled downtime. These water treatment chemicals also reduce the amount of metal oxides entering the boiler to maintain clean boiler tube surfaces and improve fuel efficiency. IBH feedwater system programs include:

  • Oxygen scavengers
  • Metal passivation
  • Film forming passivation
  • Remote system monitoring and alarming
    • IMONITOR 24 hour monitoring and alarm system
    • IMONITOR PLC Monitoring Systems
    • ISOFT water softener monitoring with remote alarming

Benefits To You

  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased equipment reliability
  • Better safety for your people
  • The IBH guarantee of program performance

IBH Labs brings you the steam system technology you need at a price you can afford