Corrosion Control

IBH Labs has an in depth knowledge of metallurgy and process water system corrosion – We started out as a designer and manufacturer of Process Heat Exchangers!

Process water system corrosion can be a result of many causes:

  • Corrosive water
  • Process chemicals
  • High pH
  • Low pH
  • Scale deposits
  • Microbiological deposits
  • Bacteria that attack metals
  • Atmospheric chemicals
  • Dissimilar metals
  • Soft water

IBH Labs will provide you with a program that will protect your process water system from corrosion and deposition. ICORR process water treatment programs include:

  • All polymer programs
  • Phosphate stabilized programs
  • Film forming programs
  • Halogen resistant azole programs
  • Biological removal programs
  • Remote system monitoring and alarming
    • IMONITOR 24 hour monitoring and alarm system
    • IMONITOR PLC Monitoring Systems

Benefits To You

  • Increased production
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced downtime for cleaning
  • Increased equipment reliability
  • Better safety for your people
  • The IBH guarantee of program performance

IBH Labs brings you the process water system technology you need at a price you can afford