The Water Treater’s Water Treater


IBH Labs is dedicated to the success of professional water treaters. Beginning with our first contact, IBH will become an invaluable part of your team.

In large companies, water treaters are supported by a technical staff and Research and Development. IBH Labs is the Water Treater’s one stop for Technical support and Research and Development.

From the one-man company, to the large national company, IBH can provide you with not only the products, but the technology to be successful. Whether it is a local school system, or a refinery with over-head condensers, IBH has the experience and solutions.

IBH products include:

IBH Labs backs its treatment programs with knowledge of how every treatment program will affect your customers process.

Benefits To You

  • Programs the work!
  • Training that increases your competency
  • More time to spend on sales
  • Technical support when you need it

IBH Labs brings you the technology you need that increases your bottom line